High Performance Air Cleaner

Our purpose

Our main objective is to provide exceptional air quality to each and every one of our customers worldwide. Longhi Air has over 20 years of expertise in air filtration and purification systems and has the knowledge and resources to offer high-quality, premium solutions.

Pure Air For Better Life

Confidence in taking a deep breath

We value and emphasize the safety and quality components of all our goods and services.

Longhi Air is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality smoking cabins, air cleaners, and activated carbon filters.
We are passionate about enhancing people’s lives through clean air. What truly matters to us is the happiness and satisfaction of our customers, which is why we prioritize our core values of loyalty, expertise, and commitment. As an expanding corporation, we draw attention to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment by truly being environmentally and socially responsible. Therefore, making any compromises with the safety, compliance, or quality of our goods and services will not be an option for our company.

Danish Design At Its Best

Building Bridges

Our powerful combination of design, value, and functionality ensures prosperity for all.

Smoke solution made the decision in the early 2000s to design and manufacture the most innovative and aesthetically pleasing smoking cabins on the market. We teamed up with, Jesper Wolff, one of Denmark’s most talented designers and architects, which led us to magical things.
Our smoking cabins quickly became a bridge between non-smokers and smokers, allowing them to socialize in the same environment. Clean air brought us together!
Experience has taught us that different settings need different solutions, which is why Longhi Air’s solutions are limitless! We offer customized solutions that are designed to fit your needs and preferences.

Trusted Solutions To The Global Market

We Put You First

Longhi Air started with the goal of developing the most innovative and one-of-a-kind smoking cabin and air cleaner, and today we are one of the leading manufactures of superior quality indoor and outdoor air filtration solutions.
We are proud to say that we supply thousands of clients worldwide. All our clients are unique, which has only added to the meaning and excitement of our journey. Our divisions include a wide spectrum of markets which also means that we must adapt to a variety of environments. Nonetheless, we always place our customers desires first and strive for the best solution for them as well as their users, customers, and employees.
Our distribution network is fully developed, allowing us to provide our products and services abroad. Our loyal local distributors manage customer service and other related communication in the areas we do not operate in.

Independently Proven Performance

Independently Proven Performance